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TOPIC atoz
Global Lives Project 48
globallives 48
globallivesproject 48
glp 48
sleeps, overnight 5
Chinese, Mandarin 2
Hmong language 2
cmn 2
Baoji train station, colleague, long distance train, staff meeting 1
Baoji train station, online, newsletter, Xi'an, Kunming 1
Baoji, Xi'an, commuter, colleagues, Kunming, overnight shift 1
Be language 1
Chino 1
English language 1
Esperanto 1
Human anatomy 1
ID numbers, passengers, upgrade, tickets, Xi'an, Kunming, window 1
K165 train line, staff meeting, colleagues, chat, work unit 1
Kunming, Xi'an, carriage, passengers, tickets 1
Law 1
Medicine 1
Names 1
Nomenclature 1
Swadesh List 1
Wörterbuch 1
Xi'an train station, passengers 1
Xi'an train station, phone call, staff waiting room, sleep, chat, book 1
Xi'an, Kunming, bunk, rumbles, tracks 1
basketball, colleague, volleyball 1
book, staff waiting room, team, platform, march 1
carriage, Xi'an, Kunming, window, sleeping, passengers 1
carriage, bathroom, ticket 1
carriage, ticket binder, curtains, sun, hard sleeper, scenery 1
colleague, Baoji, Xi'an, hard sleeper, bunks 1
colleague, K165 train line, commuter, Baoji, Xi'an 1
colleague, commuter, Baoji, Xi'an, sleep, Kunming 1
colleagues, K165 train line, staff meeting, Baoji train station, boarding 1
colleagues, Xi'an, commuter, Baoji, team 1
colleagues, work unit, Baoji train station 1
commuter, Baoji, Xi'an, hard sleeper 1
long distance train attendant, Xi'an, Kuming, soft sleeper, passengers 1
long distance train, lights out, rounds, passengers, train window 1
long distance train, overnight, sun rises, hard sleeper, soft sleeper, hot water thermoses 1
newsletter, intranet, colleague 1
newsletter, phone call, lunch 1
newspaper, ticket binder, log 1
noodles, lunch, mobile phone 1
onboard train office, dining carriage, breakfast 1
onboard train office, rain, mudslides, train staff 1
online, cell phone, basketball 1
overnight, Xi'an, Kunming, kilometers, mudslides 1
overnight, long distance, delayed, carriage, checklist 1
passenger, bunk, Kunming, work report 1
passengers, Xi'an, Kunming, train ticket 1
sink, bathrooms, sweeps, mops, morning, onboard train office 1
sink, bathrooms, sweeps, passengers 1
sleeps, Xi'an, Kunming, countryside, small town, tunnels 1
soft sleeper carriage, window, darkness, train tracks 1
soft sleeper, carriage, long distance train attendant, kilometers, passengers 1
soft sleeper, passengers, ticket log, diner car, paperwork, silent 1
work unit, newsletter, Baoji train station 1
work unit, newsletter, mobile phone, text messages 1
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